Boston Sandal

The Boston Sandal wooden floor tiles are carefully constructed from the highest quality reclaimed wood. Tiles are smooth, solid and have superior dimensional stability. With multiple sizes available, there’s a perfect fit for any room in your home.

Tiles specifications are:

  • Size: 8×48 in
  • Boston Sandal 9 mm
  • Random Patterns: 8
  • Finish: Wood Texture
  • PEI Rating: 4
  • Water Resistance: Waterproof
  • Edge: Rectified
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Boston Sandal:

The Boston Sandal wooden tile is a great option for adding a modern touch to your flooring. These tiles are available in three finishes: Ash, Oak, and Dark Walnut.

The size of our tiles selected them interchangeably in any project. Each tile neo matrix is available in different sizes, including the ability to create your design on site. We offer the most popular size and shape for purchasing, however, we can custom build any size you need!

They feature has benefit such as being non-slip, cleaned and disinfected easily, free of germs and bacteria and have a great texture feel to them.