Angeles Zenith

Angeles Zenith is the new tiles design in Philippines. The tiles are used in restaurants, hotels, and other public is decorated in a variety of different shades and colors. This kind of tile has an almost holographic effect due to its thickness direct from the factory.

Tiles specifications are:

Size: 8×48 in

Thickness: 9 mm

Random Patterns: 8

Finish: Wood Texture

PEI Rating: 4

Water Resistance: Waterproof

Edge: Rectified

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Angeles Zenith:


Angeles Zenith is a beautiful ceramic tile that comes in six finishes and for both flooring and wall tiling. In the home,  use this tile to enhance your bathroom’s decor, take your kitchen from dull to dynamic with tiles. . It is extremely durable, resisting scratching and cuts, as well as being stain-resistant.

The tile features a unique, modern style with a glossy finish that has the look of glass.

it is a premium quality floor tile with a timeless, elegant design. The superb high gloss polish and superior color retention of this tile result in a long-lasting, luxurious flooring solution that will add beauty and value to your home for many years to come.