Angeles Apex

Angeles Apex tiles and sizes are available in different finishes including opaque, translucence, glass, and color variants. The sturdy, smooth surface with natural color highlights of Angeles Apex tiles add to their strength and beauty.

Tiles specifications are:

Size: 8×48 in

Thickness: 9 mm

Random Patterns: 8

Finish: Wood Texture

PEI Rating: 4

Water Resistance: Waterproof

Edge: Rectified

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Angeles Apex:

Our Angeles Apex is an all-tile, one-unit flooring system with a solid concrete core. The  collection of tiles is consist by a fresh and bright color palette.

Its precision-cut, interlocking floor tile that can be existing floors. It designed to transform any space  into a modern and comfortable living space. They also feature a matte finish that creates a soft light reflection so you can enjoy the floor in any room of your home.

The size of the tile makes it perfect for large areas like living rooms, kitchens and hallways. Its texture makes it ideal for both commercial and residential projects.