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Wall Vs Floor tiles

Floors and walls for restaurants:

Good service should always remain closely connected with high-impact design. The wall tile vs floor tile communicates the style that the hotel or restaurant wishes to convey. The tableware or d├ęcor may change. But the floors and walls of restaurants are fixed. To replace them, significant redesigns are required.

Wall tile vs floor tile.

Therefore, if you are on a hotel project or if you want to renovate a space, choose functional, durable, and designer materials. They will go with you for quite a while.

The best solution for wall tile vs floor tile in hotels and restaurants. The tile offers magnificent technical properties and finishes for all spaces without compromising the unity of the design. It is a product suitable for all surfaces: the kitchen, the restaurant, the bedrooms, and the terrace, without forgetting the swimming pool and the spa with a non-slip finish.

Wall tile vs floor tile

Hotels and restaurants are open to the public and therefore very busy. Flooring must therefore be of high quality and able to withstand long wear and remain as new in such demanding environments. In addition to resistance and long life, tiled floors are very easy to clean and disinfect, which makes maintenance easier.

Wall tiles:

Wall tile vs floor tile

For restaurant projects, an ideal solution is to use the same collection of tiles to give unity to the spaces. This is why Azteca adds ceramic decorations to the tile collections of different styles. In order to accentuate the beauty of the wall coverings without losing the essence of the atmosphere.

Wall tile vs floor tile

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