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Ideal TILE

Ideal tiles are an essential part of interior design. Tile is easy to work with, but it requires several steps.

Ideal TILE
Ideal TILE

If you are looking for a way to update the look of your bathroom, our bathroom tiles could be just the thing. Whether you’re looking for classic square tiles or simple subway tiles, ideal tiles have plenty to choose from.

Ideal TILE

We provide a selection of mosaics and 12×24 tiles that sure to add something new and different to your home. With such a large variety, we’re confident that you will find the perfect tile for your space.

Color tile for living room

The available color variety of living room tiles includes an infinity of shades. For example, the brown or dark tiles bring a exceptionally contemporary note and warm up the atmosphere of the living room.

Ideal TILE
Ideal TILE

If you want to visually enlarge your living space, it is advisable to opt for light colors such as white, beige and ivory which give the impression of volume, but also accentuate natural light. It is also possible to opt for a living room with gray tiles which represents modernity and is optimal for this room of the house.

Flooring tiles for living room:

The living room is a central place in the house and surely the most important place where you spend the most time.

Nordic Fossil:

So the selection of flooring for the living room must be very careful. The covering of this room should be resistant enough to withstand the impacts of everyday life. That it is easy to maintain despite the repeated passage of the occupants of the house. But also that it is attractive so that its rendering does not alter your efforts. decoration over time! The tiling meets all these criteria perfectly. It is a durable and elegant coating that offers durable and easy-to-maintain surfaces for your interior.

Classic Tiles:

Traditional tiles made of terracotta and are ice-safe, decay-resistant and washable.

Ideal TILE

Fixing is finished by covering the tiles on top of one another. The support of the tiles is fundamental, yet it is possible to apply or have applied a waterproofing and fungicide treatment .

Bedroom tiles:

it is critical to select your bedroom tiles carefully . This will ensure you a pleasant and durable floor covering. It is decorative: a tile is naturally aesthetic and comes in many patterns and colors. Something to please all tastes!

It is easy to maintain: a bedroom tile requires much less maintenance than a parquet floor. Tiles in room is hygienic: the tiles can be cleaned with water, and therefore offer better hygiene.

Ideal TILE

It is durable: tiling is solid and does not deteriorate much, unlike parquet if it is poorly maintained

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